16 Dec 2009

Psyco == Awesome

As I mentioned in my last post, Project Euler is dominating my coding time as of late. I have currently solved 20 out of the 268 on there. The last being this one. The code I wrote was slow, taking around a minute to get to the correct answer. It did get the job done, but I decided there had to be a way to speed things up. That was when I remembered reading about Psyco.

"So what does Psyco do?" I hear you cry. In a nutshell it claims to speed up Python code by a factor of 2 to 4 times. Being a natural sceptic I tested it on the code in my last post. It took my code only 0.047 seconds using Psyco which is a pretty good improvement over the 0.5 seconds it takes with vanilla Python.

Quite impressed with the performance increase I decided to try it with the game I have been working on. This is when I became very impressed. I do not have exact figures, but it runs A LOT faster now. Which means I get to add more particle effects, more explosions and generally more stuff on screen without suffering massive lag.

On a completely different, but somewhat related topic all this Psyco talk reminded me of a classic tune from my youth, way back when Hip-Hop was actually worth listening to. I remember this tune was playing on my stereo the first ever time I got over 300 lines in Tetris. All done on the original Gameboy no less. I know, I am old! Anyway here is a link to Psycho by Lords of the Underground.

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  1. It's always interesting to read what's going on in that Large Hadron Collider brain of yours! Also, I completely forgot about that track, those were the days.