22 Sep 2009

Animated Sprite

Another step in the right direction!!!!

An animated sprite! Obviously my animation skills are very very crude. However my girlfriend is doing the final year of her Masters in Animation. I can sense a "Honey, can you help me please. Pretty pretty please!" coming on! ;-)

17 Sep 2009

What good are guns if there is nothing to shoot?

Did a little work on the collison detection for my side scrolling shooter. The code is not perfect yet, but it is another step in the right direction.

15 Sep 2009

I want to shoot!

Here we have my next tiny milestone. A sprite that can shoot!

2D Scrolling Shooter - Pygame

Here is a quick clip of me tinkering with pygame and parallax scrolling...

...and here we have something similar to the video above but with a movable sprite!

I will be posting more videos as development moves along. I intend to tinker away trying to implement a single feature at a time in a test script. At least until I feel comfortable that I have the knowledge to glue it all together and make a shooter I can be proud of and is hopefully fun to play.

The scope of what can be done is daunting. For example...
- Collision detection
- Power Ups
- Multi Player
- Boss Fights
- Enemy A.I.
- Environments
- Port to XNA? iPhone? <--- LOL even if I knew how I wouldn't make an app for iPhone.

I'm not promising that I will implement anything into a final product, I am a hobbyist and don't code for a living after all, but I am going to try. Watch this space!

Until next time...


Big Grizzle