30 Oct 2009

Behold, the plasma cannon mark 2

New this time around;

-- Options can fire in both left and right directions.
-- Particle effect when enemies are hit.
-- Even bigger particle effect when they die.
-- The plasma cannon has been reimplemented as a beam weapon.

21 Oct 2009

I want more options....and a PLASMA WAVE CANNON!

Despite there being no update for a while I have not forgotten this project.

Here is a vid of my latest endeavours.

New this time around:
- Bit Mask for pixel perfect collisions
- Enemies can fire
- Player can die
- More power ups.
- The plasma wave cannon
- Two escort options that can shoot and remove enemy bullets.

5 Oct 2009

Bigger and better guns!

As promised an update. A combination of Cam Studio and Youtube has absolutely destroyed the quality. The starfield looks tonnes better on my laptop.

Vid 1 - Better weapons for the player.

Vid2 - Collectable powerups.

USB broadband dongles SUCK!

I currently have at least two videos to upload, but I am unable to because of my crappy connection. As soon as I get near a real broadband connection I will be uploading and updating on here.