15 Sep 2009

2D Scrolling Shooter - Pygame

Here is a quick clip of me tinkering with pygame and parallax scrolling...

...and here we have something similar to the video above but with a movable sprite!

I will be posting more videos as development moves along. I intend to tinker away trying to implement a single feature at a time in a test script. At least until I feel comfortable that I have the knowledge to glue it all together and make a shooter I can be proud of and is hopefully fun to play.

The scope of what can be done is daunting. For example...
- Collision detection
- Power Ups
- Multi Player
- Boss Fights
- Enemy A.I.
- Environments
- Port to XNA? iPhone? <--- LOL even if I knew how I wouldn't make an app for iPhone.

I'm not promising that I will implement anything into a final product, I am a hobbyist and don't code for a living after all, but I am going to try. Watch this space!

Until next time...


Big Grizzle

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  1. Can you please give me the code for a simple example of parallaxx scrolling like in the first vid? thanks.